Houses for Sale in Selection Park

Living in Selection Park

The suburb of Selection Park, situated in Springs, is a sizable and long-established community that spans from Springs town to Selcourt and from Tonk Meter Way to Wit Road. Its central location is intersected by the main Nigel road from Springs to Nigel.

Initially established as a mining community, Selection Park offers numerous advantages that are commonly associated with such communities, including plentiful parks, ample properties, and well-built houses.

Within Selection Park, residents can enjoy a variety of recreational facilities, such as the Springs golf club, the tennis club, and the beloved duck pond. Education is also conveniently available, with several schools located either within the suburb or in close proximity.

Housing options within Selection Park range from houses and townhouses to apartments, and there are established retail areas within the community. Moreover, neighboring shopping centers, such as the Springs Mall, Selcourt Towers Shopping Centre, and Springs Town, lie in close proximity to Selection Park. Additionally, the community boasts two hospitals and numerous medical facilities for healthcare needs.

In summary, Selection Park is a well-rounded suburb that offers a plethora of amenities and conveniences, making it an ideal choice for both established and growing families.